Lake View Terrace Summertime Activities!

Los Angeles is a place where people come from all over the world to visit, and luckily for you…you live here. Work and school can be stressful, but when summertime arrives, all of that can be left at the door. This summer you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy all that this beautiful, crazy city has to offer, so why not visit some of the best places in town:

  • Griffith Observatory
    The Griffith Observatory is one of the best places that Los Angeles has to offer. This place is a great place to go to year-round, but the summer time is one of the best times to give it a visit because there are hiking trails and beautiful city views. You can’t beat the amazing views that Griffith Observatory has to offer, so make sure you make a trip at least once this summer!
  • Santa Monica Pier
    The Santa Monica Pier is a beautiful location in Los Angeles. The water is impeccable and the pier has a ton of fun attractions. Make sure you stop and get your dippin’ dots fix because you don’t see those just anywhere nowadays!