Dollar Store Halloween Decor to Die For

Halloween decorations aren’t always the most affordable. However, there are some creative tricks that can make your party guests think you’ve spent more!

One inexpensive Halloween hack is to save all your toilet paper or paper towel rolls. After you’ve collected a few, cut scary eye holes into the roll, insert a glow stick, and stash the roll in a dark place—like under the couch. Your guests will feel like monsters are watching them!

Place Dollar Tree fingers, eyes, or ears in mason jars filled with water and red food coloring. It will give your décor a “mad scientist” feel. You can find an example here.

Stash faux skulls and bones throughout the apartment—like in the shower, large jars, and fireplaces.

You can also browse Handy Home Tips for a list of 20 dollar store décor ideas, such as drawing ghost mouths and eyes on the holders of white pillar candles.