Your Labor Day Weekend Guide!

Labor Day

The long awaited, highly anticipated 3-day weekend is finally here: Labor Day weekend. It’s no surprise that when you work long, hard hours all week you definitely look forward to your next day off. Luckily for you, Labor Day weekend is 3 days long which gives you time to do what you want, rest and relax and enjoy yourself. Lake View Terrace is a great location because you’ve got everything in Los Angeles right at the tips of your fingers and everyone knows that Los Angeles always has something going on. There’s a ton of stuff going on this Labor Day weekend so here’s what you should check out:

  • LA County Fair
    Going to the LA County Fair is a no-brainer, especially if you have never been! Not only is it one of the biggest fairs around, there is so much to do you might as well buy a season pass. From games to the fun rides, to the food and entertainment…you can’t go wrong with coming to the fair. It’s everything you can imagine and more. For all information and tickets, click here.