Local Park: Hansen Dam Recreation Center

Often times a park is just a grass field and maybe a playground, or a duck pond or something- but other times, a park can be so much more. There is nothing wrong with a simple grass field, but if you have the option of enjoying a park with more to offer, you might as well take it. Hansen Dam Recreation Center is Lake View Terrace’s own superstar park. There is so much to do here! Whether you just want to get outside and go for a nice walk, or you want to go for a good old fashioned swim, this is where you need to go. The park features a playground, a swimming facility, a sports area, and even a lake where you can go fishing and take your boat for a spin! Hansen Dam Recreation Center is a local favorite and it makes complete sense. What are you waiting for? Take a trip!

For information about the aquatic center at Hansen Dam Recreation Center click here.